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Lithuania joined the World Bank in July 1992. Since then, the Bank’s assistance to Lithuania has strongly supported the country’s transition to a market economy. Since 1992, the Bank has committed approximately US$465.4 million for 16 projects. These projects have concentrated on reforms in key areas such as maintaining macroeconomic stabilization measures to build investor confidence, reducing Government involvement in business activities, and enforcing the basic legal tenets for private activity. Moreover, the Bank is working with the Government to strengthen key financial institutions to facilitate the appropriate provision of credit and movement of capital, as well as assist in reorienting the social safety net, public services, infrastructure, and the energy sector to the needs of a market economy. In view of the launching of the EU expansion process, accession issues are becoming of top importance to Lithuania. In close cooperation with the European Community, European Investment Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Bank plays an important role in pre-accession preparations, notably through its analytical work and co-financing of major infrastructure investments.

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