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on Lithuanian Housing Strategy Development


The Ministry of Environment of Lithuania organized a Brainstorming Session on Lithuanian Housing Strategy Development, which was the first activity to be financed under the Japanese PHRD Grant for the preparation of the Housing Project, signed in December 2001. The retreat was held in Druskininkai on February 6-7 and was broadly attended by a variety of key stakeholders from the government, the private sector and NGOs, as well as colleagues representing Nordic donors.

The Ministry of Environment initiated the retreat as the first key activity in developing a national housing strategy, which should provide a comprehensive and well thought out program of reform for the sector. Participants generally agreed on two broad goals for the housing sector, namely that housing reform should a) broaden housing choice by supporting development of efficient housing markets, which would be complemented by better targeting of subsidies; and b) arrest continued deterioration of the housing stock by improving the legal and regulatory framework, which creates incentives for owners to disinvest and to provide incentives for reinvestment in stock where this makes economic sense. Participants also identified basic studies and other information that would be needed to develop a housing strategy.

Please follow the links below to access documents presented at the event:

Brainstorming Session – Preamble (in English)
Praktinis idëjø generavimo seminaras dël Lietuvos bûsto strategijos kûrimo –
Preambulë (in Lithuanian)

Introductory Notes by Vice Minister of Environment Mr Emilis Gustainis (in English):
Aplinkos Viceministro p. Emilio Gustainio ávadinis praneðimas (angliðkai):
Lithuania Housing Project

Housing Situation in Lithuania and Strategic Provisions of the Housing Policy (in English, 990K):
Situation and Policy.doc
Bûsto situacija Lietuvoje ir bûsto politikos strateginës nuostatos (lietuviðkai, 1010K):
Situacija ir nuostatos.doc

Introductory Presentation by Mr W. Jan Brzeski (in English):
W. Jan Brzeski praneðimas (angliðkai):
Introductory Presentation

Brief for Real Estate Markets Working Group (in English):  Brief
Medþiaga Nekilnojamojo turto rinkos darbo grupei (lietuviðkai):  Medþiaga

Brief for working group on government intervention in the housing sector (in English):
Brief for government intervention
Medþiaga valstybës vaidmens bûsto sektoriuje darbo grupei (lietuviðkai):
Medþiaga darbo grupei
Working Group Report (in English):
Lithuania Housing Strategy conference February 6-7

Brief for Working Group on Housing Maintenance in Multifamily Buildings (in English):
Brief for maintenance
Medþiaga bûsto prieþiûros daugiabuèiuose namuose darbo grupei (lietuviðkai):
Medþiaga darbo grupei
Working Group Report (in English):
Brainstorming Group 3 – Maintenance
Darbo grupës ataskaita (lietuviðkai):
Brainstorming Group 3 – Prieþiûra

Brief for Housing Finance Working Group (in English):
Brief for housing finance
Medþiaga Bûsto finansavimo darbo grupei (lietuviðkai):
Medþiaga darbo grupei
Working Group Report (in English):
Housing Finance Working Group


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