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International Seminar on Effective Education Financing and Decision-Making in Lithuania: Some Options for Reform, Vilnius, Lithuania, June 21-22, 2001 (organized by The World Bank Institute, the World Bank, the Open Society Fund Lithuania and the Government of Finland).

The main objective of the Seminar was to provide education professionals, including policy-makers and stakeholders, with an opportunity to learn about relevant international reform experiences that might help Lithuania as well as Georgia, and more generally Eastern and Central European Countries, confront a few of their current challenges in the areas of education financing and decision-making. The seminar was highly participatory and provided the opportunity to discuss and understand the particular perspectives of various education professionals and stakeholders with respect to the important issues discussed.

A number of distinguished national and international presenters talked about several educational issues, including: (a) primary and secondary education finance, particularly the opportunities and challenges presented by a per capita funding system (‘student basket’), with a view at some relevant international experiences, including the Netherlands and Chile; (b) cost-recovery in higher education, with a focus on the design and implementation of a student loan system and its consequences for public financing of primary and secondary education; and (c) informed education decision-making, including design of effective systems for the analysis and timely provision of relevant education information and the new Education Development Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania.

Seminar Agenda:

Day One: Higher Education Finance – Challenges and Opportunities

Financing Higher Education: Designing an Effective Student Loans System
Presentation by Jose Pablo Arellano Marin
In English: – ArellanoFINANCING_HE.ppt
In Lithuanian: – ArellanoFINANCING_HE_LT.ppt
Jose Pablo Arellano CV: CURRICULUM VITAE–Jose Pablo Arellano.doc

Designing and Implementing Cost-Recovery Policies in Higher Education: International Experience
Presentation by Arthur M. Hauptman
In English: Student loan – Lithuania presentation June 01.ppt
In Lithuanian: Student loan – Lithuania presentation June 01.ppt
Arthur M. Hauptman CV: Resume 2001.doc

Day Two: Financing Education – Challenges and Opportunities of Finance Reform

Designing and Implementing School Financing: International Experience
Presentation by Jose Pablo Arellano Marin
In English: – School_Financing.ppt

School Financing in the Netherlands
Presentation by Dinand Webbink
In English: School Finance in NL.ppt
In Lithuanian: School Finance in NL.ppt
Dinand Webbink CV: Curriculum Vitae.doc

Informed Decision-Making in Education: International Experiences
Presentation by Noel McGinn
In English: Indicators.ppt

Closing Speech
Vaiva Vebraite, Vice Minister of Education and Science
In Lithuanian: Closing Speech.doc

The World Bank Study “Hidden Challenges to Education Systems in Transition Economies”:
Studijos santrauka.doc


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