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Formal Economic and Sector Work


Completed Tasks

Name:    Country Economic Memorandum
Task Manager: Ulrich Zachau
Fiscal Year:      93
The report was the first comprehensive World Bank study that provided a broad overview of the Lithuanian economy at the beginning of transition. Red Cover: 1993
Name:    Energy Sector Review
Task Manager: Achilles Adamantiades
Fiscal Year:      93
The report complements a G7 study by covering additional areas in the energy sector. Grey Cover: 05/1994
Name:    Power Demand and Supply Options
Task Manager: Achilles Adamantiades
Fiscal Year:      93
The study is in response to a G7 initiative on alternatives to nuclear power. Grey Cover: 05/1993
Name:    Public Expenditure Review
Task Manager: Ulrich Zachau
Fiscal Year:      94
The study explored ways of improving the allocation of public expenditures and strengthening capacity for programming, budgeting and implementation. Grey Cover: 07/1994
Name:    Private Sector Development
Task Manager: Barbara Lee
Fiscal Year:      95
The study investigated issues of perceived slow progress in public sector development. Grey Cover: 06/1995
Name:    Agricultural and Food Sector Review
Task Manager: Hoonae Kim
Fiscal Year:      95
The report provides a status review of the agriculture sector and assesses the progress and challenges of ongoing sectoral reform. Grey Cover: 04/14/1995
Name:    CEM Policy Notes
Task Manager: Marcelo Giugale
Fiscal Year:      98
The notes map out and provide suitable policy recommendations for the main macro and sectoral issues that Lithuania will face in the medium and long term. Final Cover: FY99
Name:    Macro Financial Vulnerability Study
Task Manager: Alex Fleming
Fiscal Year:      99
The study aims to assess vulnerabilities in Lithuanian market on the macroeconomic development side and in financial (banking and non banking) sector. Final Cover: FY99

Ongoing and Planned

Name:    EU Accession Country Economic Memorandum
Task Manager: Jos Verbeek
Fiscal Year:      00
The EU Accession CEM will analyze major constrains to EU accession in the context of Lithuanian economy’s competitiveness enhancement.  

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