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The Poverty Challenge in a New Milennium. Defining Roles for Youth and the Next Generation of Leaders. Global E-Conference: February 9 to February 27, 2004: Information about E-Conference..

Sub regional conference.
Quality Education for All: Basic Competences for Life-Long Learning. The European Dimension and the Baltic Vision, 23-25 October, Vilnius.
Agenda (in English)
Agenda (in Lithuanian)

Country assistance strategy consultations.
Pasaulio banko Paramos Lietuvai programos metmenys. Projekto svarstymas

World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund - 2003 Annual Meetings. September 23-24, 2003, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Key services often fail poor people - new WB report shows how governments and citizens can do better. Donors must deliver foreign aid in ways that promote, not undercut, better services for the poor: Making Services Work for Poor People.

Workshop on Performance Management in Lithuanian Public Administration, 22 September, Vilnius:
Workshop Agenda

Þiniø ekonomikos forumo, Pasaulio banko ir Nacionalinio Susitarimo komiteto konferencija, Vilnius, 2003 06 17.
Programa ir prezentacijos

World Bank and GEF support efficiency of district heating in Lithuania:
Press release

Lithuania transport sector: Overview

Lithuania: Housing Strategies and Programs (studies financed by World Bank-administered grant from the Governement of Japan):
English version
Lithuanian version

Senior policymakers and representatives from business, academia and non-government organizations meet in Helsinki, Finland for the Knowledge Economy Forum, March 25-28

World Bank Small Grants Program - Call for Proposals Deadline April 22, 2003.
KONKURSAS: Pasaulio banko Smulkiøjø projektø programa (paraiðkø pateikimo terminas pratesiamas iki 2003 04 22)
SGP guidelines

Agriculture in the EU Accession Candidate Countries of Central Europe: Status and Perspectives

Ministry of Education and Science. Education Improvement Program. Annual Conference, December 19, 2002 - Presentations (in Lithuanian):
Presentation by Mr. A.Monkevicius, Minister of Education and Science.
Presentation by Ms. R.Snipiene, Director, PIU
Component A
Component B
Component C
Component D

New Forest Policy approved:
Press Release.

Press Release:
World Bank Supports Education Improvement in Lithuania.

Brainstorming Session on Lithuanian Housing Strategy Development was held in Druskininkai on February 6-7, 2002

The World Bank Small Grants Program: Invitation for proposals by May 15, 2002: SGP Guidelines (eng), SGP Guidelines (lt)

"Knowledge Economy Development – The World Bank Perspective" - presentation by Mr. Severin Kodderitzsch

"Applying Experience of Market Economy Countries in Housing Finance of Transition Economies: Public and Private Roles in Unbundling Risks" - a conference organized by the World Bank, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and UAB "Busto Paskolu Draudimas" (Housing Loan Insurance) in Vilnius on October 18-19, 2001. More information:

World Bank Channels US$1.2 Million of Japanese Government Grants to Support Pensions Reform Implementation and Housing Projects. News Release

August 23, 2001 the World Bank approved a US$17 milion loan for Vilnius District Heating Project. Vilnius District Heating

Economic and Sector Work Baltics Framework for Hospital Ownership and for Capital Investment, Vilnius, Lithuania, June 21, 2001 (organized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, Project Coordination Unit and the World Bank).

International Seminar on Effective Education Financing and Decision-Making in Lithuania: Some Options for Reform, Vilnius, Lithuania, June 21-22, 2001 (organized by The World Bank Institute, the World Bank, the Open Society Fund Lithuania, and the Government of Finland).

On March 30th "Anticorruption in Transition: A Contribution to the Policy Debate" report was presented in Lithuanian Seimas by Joel Hellman, Lead Specialist, Public Sector and Governance, Europe and Central Asia Region, The World Bank.