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Rehabilitation Project

The Rehabilitation Loan of US$60 million equivalent was the first World Bank Loan to Lithuania. The loan aimed to support the Government’s efforts in transforming economy to a market system. The main objectives of the program supported by this loan to Lithuania were to: (i) assist the Government in the design and implementation of its structural reform program; and (ii) help maintain and increase capacity utilization and output in key sectors during the six to twelve months following loan effectiveness. The loan was designed to finance: (i) essential imports key sectors, such as health, agriculture, and energy, with tentative equal allocations; and (ii) production inputs by individual enterprises imported through normal commercial channels.

 Status: Closed
 Manager: Barbara Lee
 Major Sector: Multisector
 Project Id: P008534
 Closing Date: 12/31/95
 Total Commitment At Board* (USD$M): 60.0
 Lending Instrument: SPECIFIC INVEST LN
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