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Power Rehabilitation Project

The Power Rehabilitation Project consists of the following components: (i) rehabilitation of thermal generating units, one unit at the Elektrenai Power Station and two units at the Mazeikiai combined-heat-and-power (CHP) station; (ii) upgrading of the electricity system, including upgrading of the dispatch center in Vilnius, system communications equipment, and replacement equipment at substations, and (iii) technical assistance for the restructuring of Lithuania State Power System (LSPS), institutional strengthening, and project implementation. These components were chosen because they are of high priority, can be implemented rapidly, would maximize the impact of Bank funds, and bring about a beneficial impact on the electricity subsector and prepare the electricity system for interconnection with Western European networks. The electricity components are complementary to a European Bank for Reconstruction and Development administered project (under the grant from the Nuclear Safety Account).
 Status: Active
 Manager: Gary Stuggins
 Major Sector: Electric Pwr & Engy.
 SubSector(s): Thermal
 Project Id: P008537
 Board Approval Date: 5/24/94
 Closing Date: 12/31/01
 Total Commitment At Board* (USD$M): 26.4
 Lending Instrument: SPECIFIC INVEST LN
 Implementing Agency: LSPS
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