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Energy Efficiency/Housing Pilot Project

The Energy Efficiency/Housing Pilot Project is a pilot and demonstration effort that aims to: (1) support and enable private initiative to improve residential energy efficiency; (2) support public initiative in improving energy efficiency in schools; and (3) support the implementation of Government policies to sustain the privatization of housing, enabling increased private initiative in housing maintenance in general. The project will consist of the following three components: (1) credit for residential energy efficiency rehabilitation, with incentives for homeowners to encourage participation; (2) energy efficiency rehabilitation of schools in selected municipalities; and (3) institutional development and strengthening, to be achieved through technical assistance that will: (a) facilitate project implementation, including setting up advisory centers for homeowners and homeowners associations, and (b) support further policy reform in demand side energy use and the energy and housing sectors in general.
 Status: Closed
 Manager: Gailius Draugelis
 Major Sector: Urban Development
 SubSector(s): Other Urban Dev.
 Project Id: P035163
 Board Approval Date: 7/11/96
 Closing Date: 6/30/01
 Total Commitment At Board* (USD$M): 10
 Lending Instrument: SPECIFIC INVEST LN
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