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Klaipeda Port Project

The main objectives of the Klaipeda Port Project is to strengthen the long term competitiveness of this Baltic region port, and, to improve environmental conditions, by preventing spills, improving waste reception facilities, and monitoring environmental conditions. The two main components are: 1) Investments in civil works, which will include the rehabilitation of breakwaters at the port entrance, through detailed investigations, and, build an extension of both the northern, and southern breakwaters, to limit wave energy from entering the port. In addition, the channel entrance will be dredged, widened, and deepened, allowing a realignment away from the oil terminal, in accordance with international agreements. Specifically designed monitoring fenders will be installed, combined with steel mooring lines. Safe maneuvers will be ensured following the installation of a wave/current monitoring system. Studies will determine the requirements for marine environment protection, and the financing of necessary equipment, and training. 2) Technical assistance will be provided, through studies to estimate the appropriate level of land lease rates, to avoid cross subsidies with harbor dues, and review lease management contracting, and procurement procedures, and, will focus on privatization practices for port services, and management. Training will be provided for port pilots on skillful navigation practices.
 Status: Active
 Manager: Cesar Queiroz
 Major Sector: Transportation
 SubSector(s): Ports & Waterways
 Project Id: P035776
 Board Approval Date: 5/11/00
 Closing Date: 9/30/04
 Total Commitment At Board* (USD$M): 35.36
 Lending Instrument: SPECIFIC INVEST LN
 Implementing Agency: PORT OF KLAIPEDA
Available Project Documents
Project Appraisal Document (PAD) 
Environmental Assessment (EA) 
Environmental Assessment (EA) 
Project Information Document (PID) 
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