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Health Project

The Health Project, will improve the efficiency of, and, access to, the Lithuania health care system, in support of a cost-effective, and financially viable, human development program, to help re-establish public medical services, and, a practice-based primary health care system. The components specify that: 1) to support health reform, activities will focus on the development, and allocation of regional resources; adequate investment funding; and, provider reimbursement and contracting. Assessment needs, and service planning, will be provided to cover, basic services, the development of a clinical protocol, and, the restructuring of health care services. The national health institutions’ capacity will be strengthened, through technical assistance provision, and training in management, cost-effective health care information, and matters of public health policy, while strategic health information systems will be developed to support business practices; 2) to restructure health services, four pilot projects will be implemented, in support of regional public health services development, and, will cover health promotion, and disease prevention, as well as improved hospital and ambulance services, including, a pilot, hospital conversion into a long-term nursing care facility; and, 3) the Ministry of Health management capacity will be strengthened, to effectively perform monitoring, and administration practices.
 Status: Active
 Manager: Toomas Palu
 Major Sector: Hlth, Nutn & Popultn
 SubSector(s): Reform and Financing
 Project Id: P035780
 Board Approval Date: 11/30/99
 Closing Date: 9/30/04
 Total Commitment At Board* (USD$M): 21.24
 Lending Instrument: SPECIFIC INVEST LN
 Implementing Agency: MINISTRY OF HEALTH
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