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Siauliai Environment Project

The overall purpose of the Siauliai Environment Project is to promote regional environmental cooperation, address pollution sources in the Upper Lielupe River Basin and promote its environmentally sustainable management and development. The project’s objectives are the following: 1) reduction of various pollutant loads from the Siauliai area into the Upper Lielupe River Basin, thus decreasing the transboundary pollution into the river and the Gulf of Riga; 2) improvement of the quality, reliability and cost efficiency of water supply and wastewater services in Siauliai; 3) assist in establishing financially sustainable provision of municipal services; and 4) improvement of the regional and local environmental quality monitoring and enforcement system in the Upper Lielupe River Basin. The project consists of two complementary components: 1) water and wastewater improvement component, which includes support for rehabilitation, upgrading, and expansion of the water and wastewater system, and which comprises three key activities: a) water supply and distribution; b) wastewater collection and treatment; and c) technical assistance and training; and 2) environmental management component consisting of the following four activities: a) direct support for the Lithuanian side of the Lielupe River Basin Commission; b) regional environmental monitoring and water quality laboratory system; c) small point source pollution control; and d) non-point source pollution control.
 Status: Closed
 Manager: Inesis Kiskis
 Major Sector: Environment
 SubSector(s): Pollution/Waste Mgmt
 Project Id: P035783
 Board Approval Date: 12/5/95
 Closing Date: 6/30/01
 Total Commitment At Board* (USD$M): 6.2
 Lending Instrument: SPECIFIC INVEST LN
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