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Structural Adjustment Loan Project

The proposed two-tranche loan would provide necessary assistance to the Lithuanian Government in the implementation of its structural reform program, with its ultimate objective of putting the economy on a path of rapid and sustainable growth, as a means to permanently reduce poverty. Reaching that path requires: (i) solving the banking system’s current operational and under-capitalization problems; and (ii) eliminating the most serious sectoral imbalances in the rest of the economy, especially in the energy, agriculture and social security sectors. Key reforms include: (a) a new regulatory framework in the banking sector to foster prudent and efficient practices; (b) commercialization, institutional reform and privatizations in the energy sector so as to achieve financial sustainability and efficiency gains; (c) rationalization of agricultural support mechanisms, while increasing the role of the private sector and opening up to international trade; and (d) improvements in the law governing and the administration of the social insurance system while creating a frame work for private sector involvement.

 Status: Closed
 Manager: Marcelo Giugale
 Major Sector: Economic Policy
 SubSector(s): Macro/Non-Trade
 Project Id: P044056
 Board Approval Date: 10/15/96
 Closing Date: 6/30/98
 Total Commitment At Board* (USD$M): 80
 Lending Instrument: STRUCT ADJUST LN
 Implementing Agency: MINISTRY OF FINANCE
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